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Getting Started with Ajebor Farmers

You become an Ajebor farmer today by investing with us on any of our available farm project, and again.

About Ajebor Farmers

Ajebor Farmers is a unique agrotech investment platform that connects individuals and organizations who desires to engage in the business of agriculture, and farmers that needs capital to consolidate and upscale operations.

We facilitates agro-investment using digital solutions, agricultural networking and shared best practices to finance and empower rural farmers on profitable farm projects in Nigeria. More so, we farm, process and sell Agricultural produce.

About Ajebor Farmers Investment

Details of your investment can be found on your dashboard after investment is made. This entails: Project you invested on; Amount invested; Return on Investment; and Date of expected returns.

Investment last based on the desired project you invest on. Each project has a duration it runs on. However, there is a provision to rollover your investment beyond the project duration.

Your initial investment and returns on investment will be paid into the account details provided by you on your profile. However, when you decide to rollover, you will get your only your returns on investment deposited into your account.

Return on investments are paid at the end of every project duration.

We have insurance cover with LEADWAY ASSURANCE and NIGERIAN AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE CORPORATION (NAIC) for our farms and factory.

The amount required for investment varies and is dependent on the opportunities available. Each projects has its investment cost per unit.

After selecting the number of units of a project you want to invest on, click your cart, accept the terms and conditions and checkout. You can either make payments through Paystack integrated system or by bank transfer/deposit.

You cannot “terminate” the investment cycle once you invest on any of our projects before the stipulated time. However, at the end of the stipulated investment cycle, after the investor has received his/her initial investment + returns on investment, the decision to re- invest is entirely yours.